Saturday, January 11, 2014

3T Pants Pattern

I have been working a little at pattern making lately and let me tell you it can be really fun and really frustrating at times. I have made a few dresses for Alice and a some pants for Charlie. I have the pattern here in jpg form for 3T Pants if you would like to try it out.

 The first thing you are going to do is cut out each piece of the pattern and tape them together. 

I used a pair of my husbands old pants as the material for these pants but you could use what ever kind of fabric you want. 
First I laid my husbands pants out flat on the floor, since there was a hole in them I had to be careful about the placement of the pattern. I cut the pattern pieces out of each leg of the pants and ended up with four pieces total at the end.

 I cut the first pieces out with the pattern facing right sides up then flipped the pattern right sides down for the other leg. 

Seem allowance is added into the pattern 

Here are all four pieces after they have been cut out.

Put your fabric right sides together and sew down the red dotted line on each leg of the pants.
Then you are going to sew the green line on each pant leg, by this time you should have two tube looking things. Next you are going to line up the the crotch seems of both of the tubes (that is the yellow dotted lines) and sew them together. I matched together the red seem of the tubes first and pinned then worked my way up the front of the pants pinning together and then the back. 
Once that is done you hem the bottom of each leg and around the top of the pants. I folded the fabric down about an inch for the elastic around the top of the pants and sewed all the way around leaving a two inch hole so that I could feel the elastic through.
I measured around my sons waits to get the length I would need for the elastic. Mark your elastic so you know where to sew it together, then match up the lines and sew together. 
Feed the elastic through with a safety pin.

Match up your lines and pin your elastic together.

Then sew it together. I usually sew a square
on the elastic to make sure that it won't come apart.
Cut off the extra elastic and pull the pants around the elastic band so that stuff that you've just sewn will go into the fabric casing. Try the pants on your child to make sure the waist fits right, if it does sew up the last two inches of the band around the top. If it doesn't fit right you can adjust it.
Here is what the finished product looks like.

Charlie did Not want to take pictures so I tried to
bribe him with fruit snacks.... it didn't work.

"NOO MOMMY put it away a CAMERA!!"

"Stop! NOO!"

I don't know why he has become so camera shy all of a sudden. I just hop he lets me get better pictures next time. Thanks for reading!