Monday, August 5, 2013

Recovering Fabric Baskets

I found these bins at the thrift shop for two bucks each but one of them was ripped and the fabric was not washable. Can someone please tell my why they would use fabric you can't wash?! The people who made these things must not have kids.

The bins have a metal frame and Velcro so you can take the fabric cover off to spot clean.

Here is one of the bigger holes

They Velcro onto the metal frame so they can be taken off
and cleaned

Alice was my big helper
The First thing I did was take out all of the Velcro
so I could reuse it in the new basket

My kids love to help with projects

Then I took the whole thing apart with the seem ripper, it took me a really long time and the fabric kept ripping apart. At the very bottom of the bin there was a piece of cardboard sandwiched in between two pieces of fabric, I used the seam ripper to take open up one end and pulled out the card board so I could use it in the new basket covering.

Keep the Cardboard

Cut out one of each piece

For the bottom piece make sure you cut out an
extra strip o fabric about 2 inches wide
Since I want to be able to wash this I am making an opening at the bottom of the bin so that I can slip the cardboard out and just throw the rest into the washer.
 I surged one edge of the bottom fabric and then the strip then I put them good sides together and placed the cardboard on top and measured how big the opening needed to be.
Then I surged from the corner to the orange dot, about 1/2 an
inch on each side of the fabric.
This is what it looks like up close
Next sew both of the bottom pieces bad sides together
then slide the cardboard in to make sure it fits

Next I sewed on each of the sides to the bottom piece then surged
each of the sides together and around the top.

Sew the Velcro back on, slip it onto the metal frame
and your

The new basket was tested and approved by Alice!
Thanks For reading

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